Why you may need an At-Home Sperm Test (but didn’t know it)

Let’s talk sperm.

The normal male sperm count is 50 to 80 million sperm per milliliter. Still, 1 in 10 men in the United States are infertile, and men contribute to 50% of infertility issues in couples. The average sperm count has been on the decline globally for the past 40 years. Many couples struggle to conceive but never analyze their partner’s sperm production.

We want to hand you the reins. That’s why we’ve partnered with YO Sperm Home Male Fertility Test to help you test and improve sperm quality at home.

About YO Sperm

YO Sperm offers the at-home version of fertility tests found in hospitals and IVF centers in over 50 countries. Medical Electronic Systems creates many of these traditional tests. They've led the development of the YO Sperm Home Test along with a team of 25 male fertility experts.

YO Sperm Home Test is the first and only FDA and CE-approved solution to at-home sperm testing. YO Sperm allows men to quickly and easily test sperm count from the privacy of their homes.

Is an at-home sperm test kit accurate?

In extensive clinical trials of over 500 men found YO Sperm to be 97% accurate.

A YO Sperm male fertility sperm count test kit offers insight into the following:

  • Motile sperm concentration (MSC)refers to the percentage of progressive (straight swimming) sperm.
  • Sperm quality (YO Score) as compared to other men who have fathered children.
  • A video of your sperm in action, seen by connecting the smartphone attachment.

Traditional male fertility clinics can cost upwards of $1,000. An at-home sperm count test kit can offer a snapshot of your sperm health at a cheaper price (and in a much less embarrassing way).

What makes sperm healthy?

Morphology (%)

Morphology refers to sperm shape. For many men, most sperm are abnormal-looking. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines normal sperm morphology as 4 to 12 percent. That means 4 to 12 percent of a man’s sperm meets the textbook appearance. You’ll be able to observe your sperm’s morphology through the video YO Sperm provides.

Sperm Count or Concentration (million per 1 mL of ejaculate)

The population's average sperm count is 50 to 80 million. But many men experience oligospermia, a sperm count that's less than average. You'll be able to see how your sperm count compares to other men through YO Sperm's app.

Motility (%), aka how far sperm can swim

Motility can be progressive (swimming straight), non-progressive (not swimming straight), or immotile (wiggling in place). Non-progressive or immotile sperm usually don't make it to an egg. It’s unlikely these little guys will result in pregnancy. You need straight swimmers to fertilize an egg. YO Sperm tests for your motile sperm concentration (MSC), or the percentage of your sperm that displays progressive motility.

How to take a sperm test at home

Now that you know a bit more about the sperm, so let’s talk about your own at-home handheld fertility laboratory. There’s an app for that! It’s called YO Sperm.

1. Order the Premama x YO Sperm Bundle

Our bundle includes a 12-week supply of our Fertility Support for Him Drink Mix as well as a YO Sperm Home Sperm Test Kit with two tests. We offer discreet shipping, so you can analyze and record sperm from the comfort of home.

2. Collect some semen

Read the instructions and follow the steps to test your sperm. It’s easy to contaminate a sperm sample. During this step, simply ejaculate into the receptacle.

3. Test your sample through the YO Sperm App

No sperm sample shipping needed! Download YO Sperm’s mobile or desktop app, take the sample and add some of the mixing agent. Then use the pipette to drop the semen on the card and insert it into the YO device.

4. Review your fertility report on the app

You can choose to share the results with your doctor or keep it private. This’ll give you a snapshot of your overall fertility health.

5. Take Fertility Support for Him, and retest

Record your results before and after. It’s a good idea to take one YO Sperm test before starting Premama’s Fertility Support for Him and one test after.

We partnered with YO Sperm to help empower men on their reproductive journeys. The Premama x YO Sperm bundle is the perfect way to put fertility in your own hands.

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