After giving birth, help your body replenish nutrients and recover from pregnancy with our Care products.*

What’s Happening?

Restoration and Recovery

Caring for yourself postpartum is just as important as during pregnancy. As your body recovers physically, mentally, and emotionally from carrying a baby for 9+ months and giving birth, it’s normal to feel depleted and stressed while also adjusting to new routines and responsibilities. Our Postnatal Vitamin is specifically designed to help your body’s needs after your baby arrives so you can replenish vital nutrients and restore your mental and physical energy. If you’re breastfeeding, our Lactation Support Powder Mix may help support breast milk production.

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What are the Benefits?

The Carry Stage 

Mom and baby in living room with Premama® Lactation Support Supplement Mix
Revitalizes the Recovering Body*

Restore and replenish essential nutrients including Vitamins A, C, D, K, Iron, Niacin, and Calcium postpartum with our Postnatal Vitamin.

Baby's hand resting on mom's hand
Improves Breast Milk Supply*

Breastfeeding parents can boost their breast milk production with our Lactation Support Supplement Mix.

Lactation Support powder being poured into water
Helps Restore Energy

Our Postnatal Vitamin contains Iron and B Vitamins that may help restore blood levels lost during childbirth, prevent anemia, and boost energy levels to feel less fatigue after giving birth.*

Our Formulas

Backed By Science

Our Care products include: 

  • Saffron helps support a healthy mood*
  • B Vitamins may help restore energy*  
  • Fennel seed may help to support milk production*
Prenatal Vitamin in hand