Strengthen breast milk production with our Lactation Support Supplement Powder Mix, berry-flavored mix-in packs that help you feed your growing baby. To help ensure you are getting the essential nutrients you need so you can produce the healthiest milk for your baby, use Lactation Support daily with our Postnatal Vitamin.* 

Lactation Support is made with galactagogues, herbs known to support breast milk production such as fennel seed.*  

It is vegan with no bio-engineered ingredients, is gluten-free, and contains soy. Each container includes 28 single-serve packets. Please wait until after your baby is born to take this mix, as the herbs have been proven to stimulate uterine contractions. As always, consult your healthcare provider before beginning any new supplements postpartum. 

  • Supports milk production*  
  • Delicious berry flavor  
  • Great for on-the-go! 
Directions for Use

Mix one packet with at least 12-ounces of water (or a delicious smoothie). Stir or blend well until fully dissolved. Use daily for the entire duration of your breastfeeding journey for best results.  

Do not use it until after you’ve given birth. Take in combination with our Postnatal Vitamin for optimal results.  


Active Ingredients

Fennel Seed, Calcium, Blessed Thistle Extract, Red Raspberry Leaf, Vitamin D.

Meet Their Nursing Needs 

If you’re breastfeeding, it’s important to ensure that you have a steady, sufficient supply of breast milk for your baby. Our Lactation Support Supplement Mix may help provide the boost you need.*

What's Happening?

The Care Stage

Maintaining a Sufficient Supply 

Feeding a hungry, growing baby requires a steady production of milk and knowing if you have enough can be stressful. Our Lactation Support Powder Mix helps you worry less by helping the process along.*

Ensuring Nutrition

While breastfeeding, it’s important that you have proper nutrition so your body can produce the nutritious milk your newborn needs. We recommend pairing Lactation Support with our Postnatal Vitamin for optimal benefits.

Supporting Production if Needed  

The more your baby nurses, the more milk your body will produce. Lactation Support Drink Mix is made with galactagogues, herbs known to support milk production.* 


Made with Care, Made for You

Backed By Science

If you’re breastfeeding, ensuring your body is making enough breast milk to feed your newborn can be a stressful part of postpartum life. Though your body knows when to increase production, Premama® has developed the perfect assist to ensure peace of mind. Our Lactation Support Supplement Powder Mix is designed to help give you support to meet the needs of a nursing, growing baby. It’s easy to meet demand when you’ve got a sufficient, healthy supply and Premama® helps you do just that.*  

Prenatal Vitamin in hand
More to Learn

Lactation Support Supplement Mix FAQs

Can I use Lactation Support* during my pregnancy?

No. We do not recommend taking Lactation Support* while pregnant. Red Raspberry Leafe and Blessed Thistle are not deemed safe for pregnancy by the National Institute of Health.

How does Lactation Support* help with breast milk production?

Our Lactation Support* supplement mix contains Fennel Seed to support breast milk production, Vitamin D, and Calcium to support healthy milk nutrition.*

How long should I take Lactation Support*?

We recommend consistent daily use for best results while breastfeeding.