4 Ways Your Man Can Improve His Fertility

Maybe it’s time to give bae a little nudge on how he can help create a bun in the oven. We first recommend checking his sperm health with an At-Home Sperm Test Kit. After that, there are (luckily) several ways to increase fertility in men. 


There’s nothing like a good sweat sesh to improve male fertility. Regular exercise is a great male fertility enhancer because it promotes healthy body weight and relieves stress. A study done in 2013 found men who exercise regularly have higher sperm counts than those who exercise less frequently. If he needs a boost, make it fun and workout together! Partner workouts are all the rage these days and will encourage you and your partner to put in that extra effort to a healthier, more fertile you!  

Alleviate Stress 

Lots of stress has shown to affect erectile function and overall fertility.* Allow your partner to cut out time daily to relax and just do him. Apps like BreatheHeadspace and Simple Habit are great ways to kick back and relieve stress. Maybe even treat him to a couple’s massage?  

If he smokes, quit it! 

You'd think this is obvious, but we mean it! Smoking negatively affects sperm count. It’s scientifically proven how bad smoking is and quitting will lead to overall better health, but it can also benefit you and your partner immensely in the fertile realm. Hey, there’s an app for this too. Check out Smoke Free if your partner needs additional support along the way. 

Take Premama Fertility Support for Him

This natural, one-a-day strawberry-vanilla drink mix is formulated with clinically-studied ingredients to improve overall fertile health and sperm motility. Your partner can add this sperm motility booster to his daily routine in a shake, smoothie, or simply with water. Premama Fertility smoothies are one of our favorite ways to increase male fertility! This fertility supplement for men is chocolate flavored, so it's delicious and nutritious! It can only help to implement Premama Fertility Support for Him into his daily routine! 

Have a couple questions about how to increase fertility in men? Shoot us an email: hello@premamawellness.com or tag us on Instagram @premamawellness :) 


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