It Takes Two to Tango

It may take a man and a woman—or at least a sperm and an egg—to form new life. But it is women who bear the medical and psychological burden of trying to get—and stay—pregnant. It is women whose lifestyle choices are endlessly dissected for their supposed impact on fertility, and women who hear the ominous tick of the biological clock. Women are bombarded with countless fertility diets, special fertility-boosting yoga practices and all the fertility apps they can fit on their phone. However, it takes two to make a thing go right. Right?

Ladies, it's time you take the pressure off. You’re not the only one on this journey and you certainly aren't in this alone. According to research done by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the male partner is the sole contributor to 40% of infertility cases. Further, In the last four decades, sperm concentration in males has fallen by roughly 50% according to a study done by Hagai Levine and Shanna Swan*. If you're ready to start a family, take a pro-active approach to wellness and tackle conception together.

Our best-selling Fertility Support for Her is specifically designed to help you become pregnant. This unflavored drink mix uses Folate and Myo-Inositol to enhance egg quality and ovulation. To help with boosting male fertility, we've created Premama Fertility Support for Him. This once-daily, chocolate-flavored drink mix is a fertility supplement for men that works to improve sperm motility and concentration, along with healthy sperm formation, shape, and function to increase male fertility. You can check how well Fertility Support for Him works for your partner with our At-Home Male Fertility Test Kit.

Key Ingredients in Premama Fertility Support for Him:  

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects sperm from oxidative damage. Studies show Vitamin E increases sperm health, sperm count and motility. 

Maca Root Extract

Maca Root is a highly nutritious plant based ingredient that increases male libido. It aids in male fertility by producing a higher sperm count and increased motility rates. It’s also beneficial for the reproductive organs by supporting hormonal balance.  

EGCg (Green Tea Extract) 

EGCg is an emerging ingredient in fertility aids for men that protects sperm-producing cells from environmentally induced damage and promotes normal male homeostasis. It can also act as an anti-inflammatory, which can reduce immune cells from infiltrating the seminal fluid, and protects sperm function. 


L-Carnitine plays a crucial role in carrying fatty acids across the cells’ mitochondrial membrane. Throw back to high school science class. The mitochondria are responsible for converting fatty acids into cellular energy. How does this play a role in boosting male fertility you ask? It improves energy, stamina and cellular function. This is directly correlated with increasing sperm health, motility, stamina and libido.*  Stamina and libido are important for the tango, if you know what we're saying 😉. 








Male Fertility


EGCG (Green Tea Extract)

Vitamin E

Sperm Count

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