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Fertility Support for Her: A powder mix supplement formulated to help promote conception by supporting ovulation and improving egg quality. Each packet includes myo-inositol, Vitamin B12, and bio-available folate to help support early fetal development.*

Fertility Support for Him: A supplement formulated to promote conception by increasing male fertility as well as improving sperm health and quality. Each packet includes Vitamin E, Maca Root Extract, and Green Tea Extract to improve sperm morphology and motility and protect against free radicals.

Prenatal Vitamin: A daily, essential, easy-to-swallow multivitamin, designed to keep you and your baby healthy before conception until they’re born. Each capsule includes DHA and is packed with essential nutrients such as folate, iron, and B vitamins to help support early fetal development.*

  • Promotes fertility*  
  • Helps improves egg quality*  
  • Supports early fetal development*  
  • Helps ovarian function* 
  • Supports normal ovulation*  
Direction of Use

Directions for Use: Mix one packet with at least 12-ounces of water (or a delicious smoothie). Stir or blend well until fully dissolved. Use daily for at least 3 months or until conception for optimal results.  

If your cycle is regular, begin Fertility Support on day 1 of your cycle as it is easiest to track ovulation this way. If your cycle is irregular, you can begin taking it at any time. Always consult your medical provider before starting any new supplements. 

Fertility Support for Her can also be used at the same time as our Balance Hormone Supporting Supplement with your doctor’s approval. They can evaluate the nutrients in each supplement and decide, based on your medical history, what will work best for your body’s needs. 


Active Ingredients: Myo-inositol, methylated folate, Vitamin B12

Formulas That Care

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What's Happening With Your Body

The Conceive Stage

Preparing for Pregnancy

It takes 3 months for an egg to mature before ovulation. We recommend taking Fertility Support for Her for 90-days ahead of conception to encourage fertility, as this is the window of time it takes for new egg follicles to mature.*

Ensuring Egg Quality

Healthy eggs are essential to a healthy pregnancy. Fertility Support for Her is made with myo-inositol to help improve egg quality leading up to conception.*

Supporting Early Fetal Development*

Folate is an essential nutrient that supports the critical stages of pregnancy. It is recommended to take at least 3 months before pregnancy.

Keeping Cycles in Check

Regular ovarian function, ovulation, and menstrual cycles matter when trying to conceive. Myo-inositol helps support normal ovulatory function and improves egg quality to help improve chances of successful fertilization.*

Made with Care, Made for You

Backed By Science

At Premama®, we know that conception is not always easy. That’s why we worked to create Fertility Support for Her— to provide your body a boost to promote conception. It’s formulated to help get your ovarian function on track as well as improve egg quality for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. No matter how bumpy the road gets, we’re here with you.*

More to Learn

Fertility Support for Her FAQs

Can I Use Premama Lactation Support during my pregnancy?

No. Premama does not recommend taking Premama Lactation Support while pregnant. The ingredients Fenugreek, Red Raspberry Leaf Powder and Blessed Thistle are not deemed safe for pregnancy by the National Institute of Health.

What is Fenugreek?

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What is Blessed Thistle?

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How Does Premama Lactation Support Drink help to fortify my breast milk?

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How does Premama Lactation Support Drink Mix help with breast milk production?

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