TTC No-Nos: What NOT to Do When Trying to Conceive

We talk a lot about what you should do when trying to conceive, but there are a few things that you should avoid. We’ve gathered a list of what NOT to do when trying to conceive for you, for him, and for you both.

TTC No-Nos for Her

  1. Dieting. To clarify, it’s great to eat healthy. We mean this is not a time to do a crash diet, intermittent fasting, or a juice cleanse. Here’s more on what to eat while TTC.
  2. Alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol has been shown in studies (like this one) to negatively affect fertility as well as increase the risk of early pregnancy loss. It’s best to avoid it or limit yourself to a small glass occasionally.
  3. Caffeine. Also linked to early pregnancy loss and decreased fertility is caffeine (we have a whole blog post on this here). This includes coffee and caffeinated tea. Switch to decaf or herbal teas, and grab yourself our Energy Boost Drink Mix for a natural, pregnancy-safe pick-up, without the crash of caffeine.
  4. Overly strenuous workouts. When you’re trying to conceive, the key is to exercise in moderation. You don’t want to be completely inactive either—exercise does help boost fertility (and your health)!

TTC No-Nos for Him

  1. Tight underwear. It’s best to keep your partner’s baby-making gear free and cool for optimum sperm production.
  2. Overheated testicles. Heat can prohibit sperm production, so your partner will want to avoid hot baths, placing his laptop on his lap, biking, etc. You can even tell him to ice his testicles—yes, we’re serious. It can really help boost his sperm count!
  3. Abstaining from sex. There is a misconception that not ejaculating for a period of time will help increase sperm count. Ejaculation is not a thing to avoid when trying to conceive. If you’re withholding semen, your next ejaculation will likely have a larger amount of dead sperm cells. It’s recommended to have sex every other day for men with lower sperm counts when TTC. So go ahead, get busy!
  4. Not exercising. Exercising is just as important to your man’s fertility as it is for yours. Working out can boost your partner’s sperm count.

TTC No-Nos for Both of You

  1. All nighters. Getting enough sleep and getting quality sleep help improve fertility in both men and women. Here’s how to work on your zz’s if you’re struggling.
  2. Smoking cigarettes. Smoking decreases fertility in men and women. It’s also detrimental to early fetal development, and since you may be pregnant before a test can detect, it’s better to quit altogether right now.
  3. Marijuana. It may decrease sperm counts in men and delay or prevent ovulation in women. Read more about the latest research here.
  4. Skipping supplements. To all the ladies out there trying to conceive, you should start taking a prenatal vitamin before getting pregnant and our Fertility Support for Her in order to boost egg quality. Men should be diligently taking their Fertility Support for Him to boost sperm count and quality. No skipsies—for either of you!

We hope that this post about things to avoid when trying to conceive will help you get in tip-top baby-making shape!


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