Egg and Sperm Health 101

When it comes to fertility, it’s all about egg and sperm quality. The health of your eggs and sperm is a huge part of fertilization, implantation, and the viability of your pregnancy.

You’ve probably heard that a woman is born with all of her eggs. This is true, but what often gets left out of the conversation is that we can still have an impact on the eggs we have. Egg cells take 90 days to mature, and it’s during this 90-day period where what we do can affect the quality of our eggs.

It’s a similar situation for sperm. Sperm regenerates approximately every 70 days. During that 70-day cycle, sperm cells mature. What a man does during those 70 days affects his sperm count, morphology (their shape), and motility (how well they swim). 

This means we have a bit more control over our fertility than we may have thought. There’s actually a lot we can do to impact the quality of our eggs and sperm. 


  • 1. Take Fertility Support for Her. The key ingredient in Fertility Support for Her is myo-inositol, which is clinically proven to improve egg quality. It’s important to take it daily for at least 90 days to get the maximum benefits.
  • 2. Take our Prenatal Capsule. It’s actually ideal to begin taking your prenatal 90 days before trying to conceive. Not only is it key for the very earliest stages of fetal development, but the nutrients in a prenatal vitamin are essential to your egg health.


    1. Take Fertility Support for Him. Its ingredients naturally support sperm count, shape, and function to boost male fertility. It can also give his libido a boost, too.


  • 1. Get moving. 30-60 minutes of exercise daily can do wonders for male and female fertility. Keep in mind that TTC is not a good time for very intense workouts.
  • 2. Eat healthy. Lots of fresh produce and healthy omega-3s are fertility boosters. Try to avoid processed food and sugar.
  • 3. Get enough sleep. Make it a priority to sleep 8 hours every night

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