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Prenatal Vitamin - Premama Prenatal Vitamin Prenatal Vitamin - Premama

Prenatal Vitamin

A once-daily, easy to swallow prenatal multivitamin with all the good stuff. Just one of these non-GMO prenatal vitamins and you’ll get your full quota of premium ingredients including Quatrefolic® Folate, Ferrous Fumarate Iron, and vegan DHA as well as all the other essential vitamins and nutrients you need.

A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but we use natural peppermint to make Premama vitamins easy to take, easy to digest, and easy to enjoy. Each bottle of one-a-day prenatal vitamins with DHA contains a food-grade plastic insert infused with pure peppermint oil, so it smells and tastes better than your typical vitamin. It's like having a mint! 

We recommend taking this prenatal vitamin at least 3 months before trying to conceive, while you are actively trying to conceive, and daily for the duration of your pregnancy. Our Prenatal Vitamin can/should be paired with both our Stage 1 Cleanse & Stage 2 Conceive drink mixes while trying to conceive. After birth, we recommend transitioning to our Postnatal Vitamin. More on why here!

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Supports Fetal Development

We don't use generic ingredients that are hard for your body or your baby to absorb. We only use brand name ingredients, including gentle iron, vegetarian Life’s DHA®, and Quatrefolic® folate to keep you both growing healthy and strong.

Duo-Capsule Technology

Our patented, time-release technology gives you all the iron you need, with none of the nausea. It ensures iron and other stomach upsetting ingredients (held in the inner capsule) are released later in the digestive tract, while omega-3 fatty acids are released in the most absorptive areas. The bonus? You only have to take one easy to swallow capsule.

Use before, during, and after pregnancy.

Take one pill daily, with or between meals.