8 Tips to Survive Morning Sickness at Work

If your pregnancies are like mine, those first 12-15 weeks are rough. I spent my first trimesters nauseous and exhausted all day and night. Juggling a full time job and morning sickness at work was no easy task, but I learned how to deal with morning sickness at work to make those first twelve weeks bearable at the office. Here are some useful morning sickness tips I picked up and would like to share with you:

1. Prioritize rest outside of work hours.

My morning sickness at work always got worse when I was run down and tired. I still remember with my first pregnancy, coming home from work and crashing for the night at 5 PM. I needed that rest to be able to get through the next day. You may feel like you have no life for awhile, but it’s better than being even more nauseous than you already are!

2. Keep snacks with you at all times.

One way to ease morning sickness that worked for me was to keep a little something in my stomach at all times. This meant I kept snacks like pretzels, crackers and grapes at my desk. I even took it with me to the conference room for long meetings!

3. Take a morning-sickness friendly prenatal vitamin.

Nothing triggered my morning sickness like those big horse pill prenatal vitamins. Luckily, we developed the newest best-in-class Duo-cap Prenatal Vitamin. Prenatal Drink Mix + DHA and Organic Prenatal Gummies with Iron & DHA are both pill-free prenatal vitamin alternatives that are specially formulated to be easy on mom’s stomach.

4. Find a secret place to lay down.

Thankfully I had a private office, so when the nausea got unbearable, I could close my door, lay down and shut my eyes. Having a quiet spot to get some reprieve for even ten minutes can take the edge off, even if that has to be your car.

5. Take Vitamin B6.

Studies show vitamin B6 can help soothe pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting. It is endorsed by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) as a safe and effective form of support for morning sickness symptoms. Premama Prenatal Vitamins have a potent concentration of Vitamin B6 (30 mg)—one of the highest available in a prenatal vitamin—to help relieve morning sickness.

6. Get outside 

When my morning sickness was the worst, I found taking short breaks outside to get some fresh air would help take the edge off. A great way to ease morning sickness is to go for a short walk or just sit outside and breath deeply.

7. Keep sour candies at your desk.

I also found sour hard candies or ginger-flavored candy would help with my pregnancy nausea. This is also a discreet way to help your symptoms without letting co-workers know that you’re expecting.

8. Know that this too shall pass.

For some reason I found the nausea, while much stronger with my twins than my singleton, easier to deal with the second time around. I think because I knew that eventually it would pass and I would feel better again. Keep that thought in the forefront of your mind and know that with time you’ll find relief.

Morning sickness and work are not a great combination, but with a positive attitude, the right tips for morning sickness, and some support, you can make it through. Eventually the morning sickness period becomes a distant memory and you’re able to fully enjoy your pregnancy.

~ Liz, Mom Blogger

 Liz Batman is a wife, mom of three, online marketer, home cook, athlete and nature-lover living in Toledo, OH. On her blog she writes about her personal life as a mom raising her little girl and twin boys, food she likes to cook, products she loves (Liz’s list) and anything else parked in her mind. All moms can relate to Liz and she’s happy to answer any questions you might have! Feel free to contact hello@premamawellness.com or abattylife@gmail.com.

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