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Yes, we know the same flavor every morning can be rough, ugh! We are here to give you some hacks for Balance, Fertility Support for Her, Prenatal Drink Mix + DHA, Energy Boost and Lactation Support powders. All products can be mixed with water or any non-carbonated drink. Here are some recipes for fertility smoothies for him and her, and other ideas on how to take Premama powder supplements.

Here are some ways you can get creative with Balance:

  1. Make our berrylicious smoothie Premama-berrylicious-smoothie-recipe
Berrylicous Smoothie                                             
1 1/2 cup of almond milk
1 banana
2 cups frozen mixed berries
1 tbsp of chia seeds
1 tbsp of flax seed
2. Make it less sweet. Not into sweet drinks? No problem! Blend your packet with 12 oz of water and a large handful or two of leafy greens. We prefer spinach or kale. The vegetables really help it taste less sweet and give you a boost of nutrition! 

3. Mix it into Chia seed pudding. Mix together almond milk and chia seeds. Refrigerate overnight. When ready to eat, mix in your packet of Cleanse and top with almond butter and your favorite berries (we love using raspberries)!

    Chia Seed Pudding Premama-Chia-Seed-Pudding-Recipe

    1 packet of Premama Balance
    1 cup almond butter
    3 tbsp chia seeds
    1/4 cup berries
    1 tbsp almond butter


     Here are some ways you can get creative with your Fertility Support for Her:

    1. Mix it into your morning oatmeal. With its flavorless taste, you won’t even notice it’s there! 

    2. Mix it with your favorite juice. Orange juice, cranberry juice, apple juice, pomegranate juice, the possibilities are endless! The only juice you should not use is a carbonated juice (This is to make sure all of the powder stays in the drink rather than popping out with bubbles).

    3. Mix it with tea. But make sure to stay away from caffeinated tea! Check out our Attention coffee drinkers, tea lovers, caffeine connoisseurs! Blog on why.

    4. Make our eggspert scrambled eggs.

    Eggspert Scrambled Eggs Premama-Fertility-Support-for-Her-scrambled-Eggs

    1 packet of Fertility Support for Her
    2 eggs
    6 tbsp of milk or cream
    1 tsp of butter
    Salt + pepper to taste


    Here are some ways you can get creative with your Prenatal Drink Mix + DHA:

    1. Mix it into some yogurt. The options are endless, with plain yogurt, strawberry banana, peach, coconut, mango, berry, vanilla, dairy free. Experiment! 

    2. Make our pregnancy protein smoothie. This smoothie will help boost your energy and fuel mom and baby with necessary proteins, fiber and other vitamins. 

    Pregnancy Protein Smoothie Premama-Prenatal-Pregnancy-Protein-Smoothie

    1 packet of Prenatal Drink Mix + DHA
    1/2 of a frozen banana
    1/2 of an avocado
    2 tbsp ground walnuts
    2 tbsp almond butter
    2 tbsp ground flax seed
    8 ounces of almond milk

    3. Make our fiber-rich pregnancy smoothie. This will help with constipation, get rid of the junk and take in the nutrients. Out with the old, in with the new!
    Fiber-Rich Pregnancy Smoothie Premama-Prenatal-Fiber-Rich-Pregnancy-Smoothie
    1 packet of Prenatal Drink Mix + DHA
    1 frozen banana
    1 kiwi unpeeled
    1/2 cup of raspberries
    1/2 cup of chia seeds
    1/2 cup of water


    Here are some ways you can get creative with your Energy Boost:

    1. Mix it into your daily oatmeal. You can mix it into unflavored oatmeal since it already has a watermelon flavor! But of course - the choice is yours.
    2. Make our energy mocktail. You may not be able to drink a cocktail, but that sure can't stop you from having a mocktail!
    Premama Energy Mocktail Premama-Watermelon-Energy-Boost-Mocktail
    1 packet of watermelon Energy Boost
    12 oz of water
    1/2 lime squeezed
    Mint leaves
    1/2 cup of ice



    Here are some ways you can get creative with your Lactation Support:

    1. Mix it with red raspberry leaf tea.This helps with postpartum recovery, can help stop postpartum bleeding by increasing uterine tone and can help increase milk supply. 

    2. Make our Berrylicious smoothie. This recipe can be found at the top of this blog under Birth Control Cleanse. Simply use one packet of Lactation Support instead of Birth Control Cleanse.




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