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Birth Control Cleanse
Birth Control Cleanse
Birth Control Cleanse
Birth Control Cleanse
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Birth Control Cleanse

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Whether you’re preparing for pregnancy or simply looking to rebalance your hormones, the Birth Control Cleanse is the ‘reset’ your body needs.



About Birth Control Cleanse

The Birth Control Cleanse is a drink mix designed to help women whose hormones and cycles are out of balance. Preparing the body for pregnancy by balancing hormones and stimulating uterine health is a great first step to getting back on track.  The nutrients nourish, tone and support your natural bodily processes of cleansing the liver and uterus. The drink mix helps regulate menstrual cycles; and restores the body’s natural balance of hormones. Think of this hormone balancing cleanse drink as a way to reset—your first step once you've stopped taking birth control or if you are naturally out of balance.

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“If thinking about trying to conceive, we recommend pairing this drink mix with our Prenatal Vitamin.”



When should I start the Birth Control Cleanse? 
If your cycle is regular, start the Cleanse on the first day of menstruation to help you track your cycle and plan for ovulation...View More

To balance an irregular cycle, you can begin on any day. We recommend drinking the Cleanse first thing in the morning when your pituitary gland is most receptive, with or without food*.

How do I make the Birth Control Cleanse?
It’s quick and easy. Simply mix one of the 28 packets with at least 12 ounces of water or any non-carbonated beverage such as a smoothie. 

*Note: The Cleanse is not a meal replacement. 

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Key Ingredient

Your unique parenthood journey needs and goals are addressed with a curated selection of our ever-growing list of natural active ingredients...View More


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Great for...

  • The Birth Control Cleanse is formulated with vitamins C and E to naturally rid your body of toxins, as well as jumpstarting your liver to eliminate excess birth control hormones, estrogen and progestin...View More
  • Chasteberry along with our proprietary blend of essential nutrients promote circulation, which helps your uterus to fully shed its lining during each menstrual cycle. 
  • Cleansing the uterus and thickening the uterine wall creates the optimal environment for implantation.   
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Frequently asked questions

When should I start taking Premama Birth Control Cleanse?

Premama recommends taking Birth Control Cleanse on the first day of your menstrual cycle. Should you start at a different point, it is not harmful.

How long should I take Premama Birth Control Cleanse?

Premama Birth Control Cleanse should be taken for 28 consecutive days during all stages of your cycle including menstruation. Many women do like to take the Cleanse for 2-3 cycles depending on how their body responds to the nutrients. Especially women who have discontinued the Depo-Provera shot as it can take more time to adjust and begin the natural production of hormones, jumpstarting their cycle.

How does Premama Birth Control Cleanse work?

To learn all about how our cleanse works, check out this blog post.

Can I take this even if I am not trying to get pregnant just yet but still want to balance my hormones coming off the pill?

Yes, you sure can! Premama's Birth Control Cleanse is designed for all women looking to balance their hormones after coming off birth control.

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