The Journey Series: MyLin & Lindsay Stokes Kennedy

Describe yourself in 3-5 words.

  • Lindsay: Motivated. Funny. Ambitious.
  • MyLin: Artistic, free-spirited mother and wife.

What's your current state of mind?

  • Lindsay: I’m tired. lol
  • MyLin: In these times, I am truly in a state of gratefulness for the roof over my head and the time at home with my boys and wife.

What part of this motherhood journey are you in currently?

  • Lindsay: I am nine months postpartum and working full time. So, I am missing my baby. And, when I come home he only wants me for food.
  • MyLin: Well, this is my second child. I carried my first at 20. I was 32 when Lindsay gave birth to Lennox. And, I am loving experiencing motherhood in my present maturity. This is a whole new experience.

When did you know you were ready to start the motherhood journey?

  • Lindsay: When my insides began to ache and the baby fever was too real.
  • MyLin: I was not ready with my first. But once Lindsay and I got married and I began to see her desire grow more and more to become a mom, I just knew okay.. next step... let’s continue to grow our family.

What moment sticks in your mind most from this journey?

  • Lindsay: What sticks out for me most is how funny and lively my baby was in my stomach and how clearly it translates to his presence. Pregnancy is truly a magical transformation for a mommy and her babe.
  • MyLin: The delivery for sure. To watch her give birth... to be on the other side of it, seeing him come out, cutting his umbilical cord. It was everything.

If your journey were a song, which song would it be?

  • Lindsay: My pregnancy journey would be “As” by Stevie Wonder.
  • MyLin: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough“ by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Who or what has helped you the most on your journey?

  • Lindsay: My wife, of course.
  • MyLin: In my first journey with motherhood it was my mom and aunt that really held it down for me. In this most recent journey of motherhood, while married, it has definitely been our love that has kept me. It was a three year process to conceive Lennox with a miscarriage on the way. It was hard. Many tears cried. But, the joy we now have. It was all worth it.

What has the journey taught you, and what keeps you going?

  • Lindsay: My baby keeps me going. Love kept me going before, but what love made is so much bigger.
  • MyLin: Motherhood has definitely taught me patience, taught me to slow down some and just be in the moment.

What would you say to others who find themselves in a journey similar to yours?

  • Lindsay & MyLin: Stay the course. Don’t give up.


We hope this two-mom family story inspired you. We don't have to go our journeys alone. Having an additional outlet to communicate with others who can relate, share stories and wellness tips can make all the difference on this adventure. Read more stories from the Journey Series below. 

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