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Lactation Support + these 5 Tips = Increased Milk Supply

Lactation Support + these 5 Tips = Increased Milk Supply

Are you taking Premama’s Lactation Supplement Drink consistently, but aren’t seeing a change in your output? Milk production is a supply & demand process with so many factors at play. To speed milk production and increase overall breast milk supply, you need to ensure you’re following these lactation tips:

  1. And this one is a biggie - Frequently empty your breasts by nursing or pumping every 2-3 hours. Many moms do this successfully during the day, but night time can be so hard. Until you have established a change in your supply, you’ll need to nurse or pump just as much in the middle of the night as you do in the day. Forecast baby’s feeding times and set an alarm to pump between. You’re probably cringing while reading that, but it’s only for the short term until you see a change in your supply.
  2. Make sure baby is nursing efficiently. If milk is not effectively removed from the breast, your milk supply will decrease. Consider having a lactation consultant check that your little one is latching properly. Without an effective latch, it’s like trying to empty a swimming pool through a drinking straw. Inefficient milk transfer can lead to baby not getting enough milk or needing to nurse almost constantly to get enough.
  3. Take care of you. It sounds cliché, but it’s an incredibly important lactation tip. Rest. Sleep during the day when baby sleeps. Relax. Stay hydrated, (but know that drinking extra water does not increase supply) and eat a nutritious diet.
  4. Switch nurse during each feeding. Every time baby falls asleep, switches to “comfort” sucking, or loses interest, change sides. When trying to increase your supply, it is good to nurse on each side at least twice per feeding.  Breast compression will help keep baby feeding longer (and is helpful for sleepy or distractible babies, too).
  5. Avoid pacifiers and bottles when possible. All of baby’s sucking needs should be met at the breast when trying to increase your milk supply. Offer baby breast milk only. Avoid all solids, water, and formula if baby is younger than six months, and consider decreasing solids if baby is older. If you’re using more than a few ounces of formula per day, wean from supplements gradually to challenge your breasts to increase their supply.
  6. Don’t mix Premama’s Lactation support with other galactagogues (herbal lactation supplements). This includes lactation cookies, teas, etc. The unique blend of herbs in Premama Lactation Support was specifically designed to cover all the bases.

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