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Are You an Eggspert?

Are You an Eggspert?

Test your egg knowledge with our fertility quiz!


  • You’re born with a finite number of eggs. True or false?
  • True. You’re born with all your eggs.

  • Your eggs were once inside your mother’s womb. True or false?
  • True. Since all of your eggs developed in your ovaries while you were still in the womb, your mom technically may have carried part of her future grandchild!

  • The quality of your eggs is not affected by age.
  • False. The quality and quantity of your eggs decline with age.

  • An egg cell can divide into two once fertilized.
  • True. This is how identical twins are made. Fraternal twins are made when two eggs are released during ovulation.

  • Hormonal birth control works by killing the egg released during ovulation.
  • False. Hormonal birth control works by suppressing ovulation.

  • Eggs need to mature before they are released during ovulation. True or false?
  • True. Eggs take a full 90 days to mature, and that’s why it’s so important to focus on egg quality, like by taking a prenatal and Fertility Support leading up to TTC.

  • Once an egg is released, it can survive for 48 hours. True or false?
  • False. A released egg survives only 12-24 hours. It’s ideal to have sex prior to ovulation since sperm can survive for up to 5 days inside your body.

  • You can see an egg cell with the naked eye. True or false?
  • True. An egg cell is one of the few cells in the body that can be seen with the naked eye. It is about the width of a strand of hair.

  • There is no way to test for egg quality. True or False?
  • True. You can test for egg quantity, but not quality, which is arguably more important. The only test that exists for egg quality is trying to fertilize it!


    Eggspert (7-9 correct answers)

    Congrats, your Sex Ed teacher would be so proud!

    Eggcellent (4-6 correct answers)

    Awesome job! Build your eggspertise by checking out our blog post on how to increase egg quality.

    bEGGinner (1-3 correct answers)

    Don’t fret—some of these questions are tough to crack (pun intended). Check out our blog to learn more on how to increase egg quality and why it has a pivotal role in TTC.

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