90 Days to Boost Egg Quality

Did you know that your eggs take 90 days to mature before they are released into your fallopian tubes during ovulation?

Egg maturity is a key piece of the fertility puzzle… in that 90 days, you have a wide open window of opportunity to improve your egg quality!

While so much of TTC can feel out of our control, improving your egg health is one way you can directly impact your fertility and chances of conceiving. Here’s how to improve your egg quality in 90 days.


  • 1. Take Fertility Support for Her.
  • Fertility Support for Her contains Myo-Inositol which has been scientifically proven to improve egg quality, and it is especially helpful in treating women struggling with PCOS. Just don’t skip days—consistency is key. If you do skip a day, get right back on the horse!

  • 2. Take our Prenatal Capsule.
  • A prenatal is not just for pregnancy. In fact, to improve egg health you should ideally begin taking a prenatal 90 days before TTC (here’s why you need prenatals before pregnancy). Our prenatal capsule contains the most bio-available (ingredients, including folate (preferable to folic acid) and iron. These nutrients are not only key to early fetal development, but also the quality of your eggs.

  • 3. Get plenty of sleep.
  • We have a whole blog post on getting better sleep to boost your fertility right here. Aim for 8 every night to get your body in top shape for TTC.

  • 4. Eat a healthy diet.
  • Fresh veggies, fruits, and healthy fats will give your body the fuel it needs for babymaking. No need to avoid carbs either! Your body needs some slow burning carbs to prepare for pregnancy. Check out our guide to eating your way to better fertility here.

  • 5. Stay hydrated.
  • 8, 8-oz glasses of water is the recommended amount. Remember, water is crucial to our body’s natural detoxification processes. The more we help our bodies eliminate toxins, the healthier we will be in general and in TTC.

  • 6. Exercise regularly.
  • Exercising 30-60 minutes per day can help give your fertility a boost, regulate your menstrual cycles, aid in ovulation, and even decrease risk of miscarriage. This is not a good time to overexercise, though! Check out our guide on exercising for fertility.

  • 7. Ditch the caffeine.
  • Caffeine is associated with sub-optimal or suppressed fertility. It also depletes vital vitamins and minerals needed for ovulation and healthy fertility. Find out more reasons to quit caffeine in our post highlighting key research on the effects of caffeine on your fertility. You can trade in your cup of coffee or tea for Premama’s Energy Boost Drink Mix for a natural, caffeine-free boost!

  • 8. Quit smoking.
  • Just as smoking wouldn’t be healthy during pregnancy, it is not healthy for your eggs either. Infertility rates are double for smokers, compared to non-smokers. That’s in both men and women, so if your partner smokes, now’s a good time for him to quit, too. 

  • 9. Avoid alcohol.
  • Alcohol, too! Basically anything you shouldn’t be doing while you’re pregnant, you should avoid while trying to conceive in order to care for your eggs.

    Stick with it for 90 days, and your eggs will thank you. You’ve got this!

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