5 Ways to Prepare for Pregnancy

Preparing your body for pregnancy is a huge decision. You may find yourself asking 1000 questions: “Am I prepared to have a baby? Will my body be able to handle a pregnancy? Are we ready for a baby? How can we prepare for pregnancy? How will a pregnancy change our world?” Just to name a few... ;)

Fear not! We have five tips on how to prepare your body for a baby in no time:

1. Schedule a preconception visit & consider genetic carrier screening 

First and foremost, you and your partner’s health are huge contributing factors when deciding and preparing to have a baby. If you know you would like to become pregnant, it is a great idea to schedule a preconception visit with your healthcare provider. Your doctor can test you and your partner to ensure your body can take on a pregnancy as well as advise you on how to prepare for a baby. 

Maintaining a healthy weight throughout this process is also vital to ensure your body and cycle are working together most efficiently. This can provide fertility indications to help with planning the best possible time to conceive, figuring out when you ovulate, as well as your partner’s sperm count and quality. Don’t forget to toss your birth control! Speaking of that, we offer a 28-day Balance Drink Mix to help rid your body of excess synthetic hormones and get your natural hormones back in balance!

Another pregnancy plan consideration to make is genetic carrier screening. Many healthcare providers offer this option to test both partner’s genetic make-up to see the likelihood of disease developing for future generations. This is helpful to consider prior to pregnancy and can help you decide how to prepare for pregnancy. 

2.Take Essential Vitamins & stock your fridge with healthy foods! 

After your preconception visit with your doctor, the next step to prepare before getting pregnant is to ensure you maintain your wellness! Taking a supplement equipped with Folate (Folic Acid) and Myo-Inositol is a wonderful way to prepare your body for pregnancy by helping regulate your cycle and enhance overall egg quality. We developed Fertility Support for Her and Fertility Support for Him drink mixes as  easy, on-the-go ways to ensure you intake the proper nutrients daily! They come as a powdered drink mix you can take with you anywhere and mix in any non-carbonated beverage.

Certain foods that contain Folic Acid are vital diet staples in the preconception stage. They include: 

  • Avocado 
  • Dark green vegetables i.e.: broccoli, spinach, collard or turnip greens, okra, brussel sprouts, and asparagus 
  • Dried beans, peas, and nuts 
  • Lentils 
  • Citrus fruit and juice 

3. Give up binge drinking, smoking, & drugs – check your caffeine intake too! 

This is one of the most important parts of preparing for pregnancy. While an occasional glass of wine is not dangerous while trying to get pregnant, it is important to limit all alcohol intake, and stop any smoking or drug use. Such unhealthy activities can severely harm your pregnancy and baby. 

Monitoring caffeine intake is also vital, as  recent studies  have proven caffeine intake may be linked to miscarriage.  It also states that dad’s habits matter too, as this can be linked to his level of fertility including the baby’s wellness. While it may be a difficult transition, it is in your best interests to skip that cup of coffee.  If coffee is a must, limit your intake to just 1 cup daily, or replace it with energy boosting vitamins such as Premama Energy Boost Drink Mix. A refreshing, watermelon-flavored drink mix containing zero caffeine, essential B-Vitamins and Omega-3's.

4. Create & follow  an exercise program 

Exercise and wellness go hand in hand when preparing your body for pregnancy. To keep your body in optimal shape prior to pregnancy, it is important to exercise regularly. Adding regular exercise to your pregnancy plan in the preconception period may help you feel more comfortable and not gain excessive weight during pregnancy. Regular exercise can also help regulate your overall mood, helping you maintain a calm, happy demeanor throughout your pregnancy. 

5. Create a baby budget 

When considering how to prepare for a baby, keep in mind that raising a baby can be expensive. It’s generally a good idea to sit down with your partner to create a baby budget before you get pregnant. This gives you nine months to plan, prepare and get your finances in good shape before baby comes, which will reduce your overall stress. It is most important to consider your finances before becoming pregnant to determine if you and your partner are ready for such a financial undertaking. 

Figuring out how to prepare for pregnancy can be difficult, but follow the above tips to make sure you’re fully prepared to get pregnant and have a healthy, happy pregnancy! 

Have any important tips to add? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to share them with our social media handles @premamawellness! 



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