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Birth Control Cleanse - Premama Birth Control Cleanse Benefits - Premama Birth Control Cleanse Supplement Facts - Premama Birth Control Cleanse
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Birth Control Cleanse

Premama Birth Control Cleanse is a 28-day drink mix designed to prep the body for pregnancy by balancing hormones and stimulating uterine health. It nourishes, supports, tones, and gently cleanses the liver and uterus; helps regulate menstrual cycles; and restores the body’s natural balance by removing excess hormones. Think of it as a way to reset—your first step once you've stopped taking birth control. The Cleanse works just as well if you haven't been taking birth control and are looking to re-balance your hormones. Plus, this birth control detox is so easy on your body, you won't even feel it.

More than 84% of reviewed customers saw desired improvements after using the Birth Control Cleanse.*

If thinking about trying to conceive, we recommend pairing this drink mix with our Prenatal Vitamin.

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Additional Details

Prompts Liver Function

It contains antioxidant vitamins C and E to naturally promote the breakdown and removal of excess estrogen and progestin (birth control hormones) and toxins stored in the body, while nourishing and regenerating the liver cells.

Supports Uterine Health

When the uterus is not able to fully shed its endometrium during each menstrual cycle, atrophy can occur. Our cleanse includes chasteberry and essential nutrients to promote circulation to the uterus and help regulate your menstrual cycle.

Prepares the Body for Pregnancy

Cleanses the uterus, while toning and thickening the uterine wall to create the optimal environment for implantation.

Begin on the first day of mensuration, to help you track your cycle and plan for ovulation.

Mix one packet per day with at least 12 ounces of water or any non-carbonated beverage (or smoothie).

*Note that this product is a cleanse, and not a meal replacement.