You Ask, We Answer – Stage 1 + 2

Our team has created a Q&A of your most recently asked questions regarding Balance and Premama Fertility Support for Her Drink Mixes. Take a read, we hope this helps you navigate the system!

Q: When should I begin with Stage 1: Balance?

A: Begin with Stage 1 if:

  • You’re coming off hormonal contraceptives.
  • You are experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance.
  • To help restore your cycle.
  • You have endometriosis.
  • If you’ve never taken hormonal contraceptives, you can still take the cleanse to get back in balance if things are a little out of whack!
  • You do not have to be trying to conceive, it can simply be to balance your hormones.
  • You are looking to conceive and want to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Q: When should I take Balance and how does it work?

  • A: We recommend taking the cleanse first thing in the morning when your pituitary gland is most receptive.
  • The cleanse works with your body, specifically the liver, thyroid and pituitary glands, to restore your cycle post birth control and balance hormones even if you were not on birth control.

Q: Will the cleanse help with my luteal phase defect?

  • A: A study of 52 women with luteal phase defects taking Chasteberry, a driving ingredient in our cleanse, found the women improved their luteal phase progesterone synthesis and higher levels of luteal phase estradiol, supporting the use of the cleanse for those with luteal phase defects. As always, please consult your doctor for all medical advice.

Q: What about endometriosis, will Balance help with this?

  • A: For endometriosis we recommend beginning with the Stage 1 Cleanse as studies show the Chasteberry is beneficial in combating endometriosis symptoms such as severe cramping. We always recommend seeking the approval from your doctor.

Q: How long prior to trying to conceive would you use Stage 1 Balance?

  • A: After coming off hormonal birth control, your body begins the natural rebalancing process. We suggest that you begin Balance within a month of coming off birth control (you can also start right away if you would like to), or upon symptoms of hormonal imbalance.
  • We recommend taking Fertility Support for Her for a consistent three months while trying to conceive as your eggs mature on a 90-day cycle. You should also be taking a prenatal vitamin during this time.

Q: When should I take Stage 2: Fertility Support for Her?

A: Begin with Stage 2:

  • If you are actively trying to conceive.
  • If you have PCOS.
  • To enhance egg quality and quantity
  • To regulate your cycle.

Q: Can you take Balance & Fertility Support for Her together?

A: Yes, you can take these drink mixes together because they perform separate functions in the body.

Q: “I plan to take Stage 1 the month after I go off hormonal birth control then Stage 2 the month after, is this correct?

A: Yes, we recommend this as the standard practice to jump start your body’s natural production of hormones. Some women who have been on birth control for an extended period may need 2-3 rounds of Balance to restore their natural cycle. While many see results after just 28 days, you may continue Cleansing for up to six months. After a 6-month cycle of Balance, take a full month break before resuming.

After the first month or 2 of taking Balance, you can proceed with Premama Fertility Support for Her, taking them both (per your doctor’s permission). We recommend continuing with stage 2 daily for the duration it takes to conceive. We always recommend seeking your doctor’s approval before taking or combining any new supplements to help conceive.

Q: “How do I know if I should continue with a second round of Cleansing?”

A: If your cycles are irregular and you do not have PCOS, you have breakthrough bleeding or spotting, or have not menstruated following the use of hormonal contraceptives we suggest that you continue with another round of Balance until you see signs of your cycle improving.  

Q: Do I take the Fertility Support for Her all month or only nearing ovulation?

A: We recommend taking it daily all month, any time of day, until you conceive.

Q: Can you take Stage 2 Fertility Support for Her for more than 3 months?

A: Yes, you can take Fertility Support for Her throughout the entire duration it takes to conceive. Typically, after 12+ months of trying to conceive naturally, we recommend visiting your healthcare provider to discuss your fertility.

Q: Will Fertility Support for Her Drink Mix help me conceive if I have PCOS?

A: Read about how to get pregnant with PCOS using Fertility Support for Her on our blog.

Q: Is it OK to take a prenatal vitamin while taking Stages 1 + 2?

A: Doctors advise that women take a prenatal vitamin at least 3 months before conception. Our products were designed to work as a system so Premama Prenatals are specifically tailored to work in conjunction with Stage 1+2 supplements. We can only speak on behalf of Premama Prenatal Vitamins, however, as we don't know the levels or types of ingredients in other brands of prenatal vitamins.

Q: What does the Stage 2 Fertility Support for Him Drink Mix do for men?

A: To learn about how Premama Fertility Support for Him works, click here.




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