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Doula 101 with The Birth Boss

Doula 101 with The Birth Boss

Rhiannon Langford, a full spectrum doula and the founder of birth boss maternity care shares her insights into working with a doula and some tips for getting you ready for d-day (delivery day).  

You asked questions on our feed. Rhiannon dishes doula information below:

First off – what is a doula? 

A lot of people hear that word and think it will be a service. You walk in with a captain and stage your delivery. Rather, what it means to me is someone that provides emotional, informational and physical support during life transitions like birth and parenting. 

Where can I find a doula?

Look online. There are sites like or you can search your local IG using #’s. Since it’s a personal service, if you have a friend or family member who has used a doula, ask them. Recommendations go a long way! 

What should I consider when choosing a doula?  

It’s really important to understand their philosophy and birthing style. You’ll get a sense for your level of comfort and if your thoughts align by having a natural organic conversation with them, preferably in person. Plan to meet in person. Other things to consider are logistics – you’ll want to understand if they have a back up doula in the event that they are unavailable at the time if your birth. How many of their clients with similar due dates have they booked? Have they attended a birth where you intend to deliver? 

When should I book my doula? 

It’s never too early to book a doula. Anytime before 34 weeks gives both parties time to get to know one another. 

How often do you meet with a doula?

Usually 2 prenatal visits and 1 postpartum visit. 

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