The Journey Series: April Christina

Journey to Motherhood

April Christina is a New York City based Endometriosis and Women’s Wellness Advocate. She joins us live on our Journey to Motherhood Facebook group along with a panel of advocates to discuss the importance of community on Aug 13 at 7:30.  In advance, we had the chance to connect with her Journey. In 2019, April launched The Endo Brunch. This brunch was created for women and their supporters to meet others with endometriosis and various reproductive health conditions. It is April’s main objective for everyone to have access to information that can make them the healthiest person they can be. Her newest venture is being co-host of The V Dot Podcast; a podcast centered around women’s reproductive health which is expected to launch in August of 2020. In her free time April loves to sing, paint, and spend time with her husband Greg. 


How would you describe your journey to someone who has never met you?

I was officially diagnosed with endometriosis back in 2011. After a long excision surgery I made it my purpose in life to spread endometriosis awareness to the world. After being married for almost two years, February of 2020 is when I found out that my AMH level was low. Since then, I have devoted my time to spread fertility awareness, especially within the Black community. Currently looking into fertility options so my husband and I can expand our family.

journey to motherhood with April Christina

What moment sticks in your mind most from your journey?

Although I am an advocate about knowing about your fertility health early on, I will not know everything. Getting my bloodwork back was a moment that I will never forget. I was stuck in bed crying for two days straight. Looking back on that instance was the determining factor of knowing what path I was on with fertility. Sometimes we are in so much shock that we do not move forward, making it hard to be proactive for starting your family.

Who or what has helped you most on this journey?

The community of women that I have found as I continue to embark further on this journey. I am still in the early stages of fertility and understanding what everything means to me. From the abbreviations in my community to emotionally being able to articulate what I am feeling is very different for me because this deals with me bringing a person into this world. Every person that I have met has openly spoken about their experience and has helped me tremendously with making sure I pick the right fertility option for my body and endometriosis.

What would you say to others who find themselves in a journey similar to yours?

Gather as much information as possible. Do your research and seek guidance from practitioners that you feel comfortable with. Never feel like you are asking too many questions. Knowledge along this journey is key. Never be ashamed to share your stories with other women you know that are either going through or have experienced fertility issues as well.

knowledge along this journey is key

What has the journey taught you, and what keeps you going?

This journey has taught me that things do not happen on my time but God's timing. Sometimes that is hard because as women, we have an age timeline of when we feel things should be done. I'm realizing that it may not have been my season for conception to happen when I wanted it to. Knowing that my husband and I will have a child one day soon is always my driving force. I strive everyday to continue to make my body as healthy as it can be so when the time is right, I can carry full term and enjoy every moment like others mothers have experienced.


Our journeys may be difficult, but we don't have to go at it alone. Having an additional outlet to communicate with others who can relate, share stories and wellness tips can make all the difference on this adventure. Read more stories from the Journey Series below. 

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