journey to motherhood with Andranise Holliday

Journey to Motherhood

Andranise (Niecy) Harvey Holliday is a Premama product user prepping and planning for pregnancy. We talked with her about her journey:

Describe yourself in 3-5 words.

Jesus-follower, funny, compassionate, wife, nurse

What is your current state of mind?

I'm hopeful right now. My husband and I are actively planning for a baby.

Married my best friend (Freddie) 9/18/16

When did you know you were ready to start the motherhood journey? 

While on the birth control implant, I experienced a period of heavy depression. It seemed like everyone was having a baby and time was passing me by. The depression eventually subsided and I began working harder on my weight loss.

I knew I was ready to start the motherhood journey when I reached my goal of losing 100lbs. I set a goal and worked extremely hard to stay committed to it until I achieved it. I reached that goal this month (July 2020). I wanted to get my body in the best shape possible for my future baby.

I did it 100lbs! I had my Nexplanon removed May 2020!!!

What part of this journey are you in currently?

I am in the praying and planning stage. I have four amazing nephews, and it's my turn to become a mommy. I am doing research on all things motherhood, from water birthing to potty training and everything in between. My husband is incredible and is just as excited.

If your journey were a song, what song would it be?

God You're So Good by Passion

Who is a woman who inspires you?

Along with my own mother (who had four natural births), I am inspired by every single mother who shows up everyday and bravely embraces this motherhood life.

What moment sticks in your mind most from your journey?

The day I had my birth control implant removed and the day ordered my Premama Conceive Bundle. Things got pretty emotional. I'll always remember the start of this beautiful journey.

June 2020 I discovered the amazing Premama company on Instagram. I did my research and ordered my Premama Conceive Bundle! My husband and I are super excited!

What would you say to others who find themselves in a journey similar to yours?

Don't compare your journey to anyone else's. There is NOTHING wrong with you. Don't give up. You are capable of loving and being loved. Your time will come. 


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