Meet Premama’s Prenatal Pill: Your New Best Friend

The most innovative prenatal pill you can get your hands on, it even smells delightful. 

At Premama, we create easy-to-take, innovative supplements for women who are TTC on through PP. Meet a core part of our line: our Prenatal Pill. After more than five years of producing best in class alternatives to the undesirable prenatal horse pill, we knew we could improve this category even further with this prenatal vitamin that's guaranteed to wow you! There are no other OTC prenatal pills quite like it. I repeat, no other prenatal pills that stack up against the experience of this comprehensive multi-vitamin: one pill serving, tiny capsule, minty fresh, it doesn't get much better than that. More on the coolest parts of this non-GMO gluten-free prenatal vitamin? Check them out below: 

Premium Bio-available Ingredients (that are sustainable, too!)

We skip the generic stuff and use only premium, quality ingredients that are easy for your body to absorb. Take Quatrefolic® Folate for example. This form of methylfolate (or 5-MTHF) is best because it is in a form your body can use directly, without having to be converted. Same goes for Ferrous Iron. We proudly use bio-available ingredients that go straight to work in your body, ensuring you and baby receive all the benefits. What’s next?

Fish are a rich source of DHA, and DHA supports brain, eye and nervous system development. What people don’t know is that fish get DHA from the algae they eat in their food chain. We go straight to the source, the DHA in our prenatal pill is from the same micro algae sources fish get it from. Grown in a controlled environment, it is a vegan and sustainable source of DHA. Good for you, and good for all.

Duo-capsule Technology.

Duo-… what? No worries, here’s the breakdown: Our small capsule has an even smaller capsule inside it. We do this on purpose -- not just because the small capsule is adorable. We put all liquid ingredients in the outer capsule, such as omega-3’s and DHA, because they are easily absorbed in the stomach. The rest of the minerals such as our gentle Iron and Folate are kept separate in the small capsule. These are released where they are best absorbed, later in the digestive tract providing better absorption and alleviating nausea and constipation.Our vegan algal oil form of DHA is the only non-fish source of omega-3’s with twice the natural potency of the highest omega-3 containing species of fish. Does that mean no fishy burps? Wait ‘til you hear this.. 

Minty Fresh 

Our senses are still scarred from smelling some of the other prenatal pills out there.  We decided to make the experience of popping your prenatal pill a pleasant one. We added a small amount of solvent-free peppermint oil extracted through steam distillation into the outer capsule. When released in the stomach, this adds a natural calming effect while alleviating nausea and pregnancy induced headaches. What about that peppermint-smelling tab inside the bottle? That helps keep your pills fresh all 28-days (x 9+ months you take them). 😉 

Just 1 daily.

Most prenatal pills require you to take a couple pills in one sitting, or they cut out key ingredients to squeeze everything into one over-sized tablet. We've been there - gulping 'em down and hoping they don’t come right back up.  Prenatal vitamins are notorious for being massive, smelling terrible, and minutes after you take them causing a wave of unrelenting nausea. With our once-daily prenatal vitamin, you take just one easy-to-swallow capsule that has all the essential nutrients you need to supplement a healthy daily diet. We recommend starting our prenatal vitamin at least three months prior to trying to conceive. More on that here!



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