Premama’s Prenatal Pill: Your New Best Friend

The most innovative prenatal pill you can get your hands on, it even smells delightful. 

At Premama we’re about creating the easiest-to-take, premium supplements for you, no matter what stage you are in your journey. We noticed we were missing one key option from our line: The Prenatal Pill. We couldn’t just create any old pill though. After over five years of producing the best alternatives to the undesirable prenatal horse pill, we knew we could do better. Over a year and a half of research and development later, we are beyond thrilled to introduce this supplement to you. There are no other OTC prenatal pills like this on the market. I repeat, no other prenatal pills that stack up against the experience of this comprehensive multi-vitamin. The coolest parts? Check them out below: 

Take only 1.

Looking at all other prenatal options we realized this key detail: Most prenatal pills require you to take 2-4 pills in one sitting. Chugging them down and hoping, if not praying, they don’t come right back up. The pills are massive, smell terrible, and minutes after you take them the wave of nausea is unrelenting. With our prenatal pill, you take one, easy-to-swallow capsule. We have packed our pill with the essential nutrients you need as a mama-to-be. We recognize you don’t need that extra stuff you end up peeing out anyways, most of the nutrients we consume are in our daily diet. The prenatal pill multi-vitamin is just that, a supplement to your daily diet. The most absorbable, highest quality ingredients in one duo-cap capsule. What’s next? 

Duo-cap Technology.

Duo-… what? No worries, here’s the breakdown: Our small capsule has an even smaller capsule inside it. We do this on purpose-- not just because the small capsule is adorable. We put all liquid ingredients in the outer capsule, such as omega-3’s and DHA, because they are easily absorbed early in the digestive tract. The rest of the minerals such as our gentle iron and Folate ( Quatrefolic, L-methylfolate) are included in the small capsule. These ingredients are absorbed about 40-minutes later in the digestive tract to aid in alleviating constipation and nausea. Did I mention we use the vegan algal oil form of DHA and EPA? This form was developed by NASA as the only non-fish source of omega-3’s with twice the natural potency of the highest omega-3 containing species of fish. Does that mean no fishy burps? Wait ‘til you hear this.. 

Minty Fresh 

Our senses are still scarred from smelling some of the other prenatal pills out there. Especially in a mama’s first and second trimesters, the last thing they need is their source of nutrients making pregnancy symptoms worse. We decided to make the experience pleasant for a change. We added a small amount of solvent-free peppermint oil extracted through steam distillation in the capsulesadding a calming effect while alleviating headaches and nausea. What about that peppermint-smelling tab inside the bottle? That helps keep your pills fresh all 28-days x 9 months you take them😉 


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