Pregnant woman suffering from constipation

An all too common symptom of pregnancy is irregularity in the digestive tract. These three methods will help to relieve constipation in pregnancy:

Drink Lots of Water

Get your insides going by in-taking more fluids. Drinking water is not only amazing for your energy levels, it carries nutrients to your fetus, all the while providing movement in the digestive tract. Many women do not drink enough daily, and this is even more vital when pregnant. The recommended daily water intake during pregnancy is at least 10-glasses per day. If water isn’t your thing, look to other liquid options such as smoothies. You can even mix our Prenatal Drink Mix + DHA citrus drink mix into water to add flavor and get your daily prenatal nutrients at the same time. 

Take a Probiotic

We completely understand adding another pill to your daily repertoire is not ideal. Probiotics are vital essentials for the digestive tract, especially when things seem a little ‘stuck’ during pregnancy. Good news, you have another option for pregnancy constipation help. We created a vanilla-caramel flavored Digestive Relief Chew, formulated with 1 Billion CFUs of Probiotics and 2g of Fiber per chew. These vegetarian chews are gentle, yet provide powerful pregnancy constipation relief. We recommend taking one to four chews daily depending on your personal needs to help with pregnancy constipation, bloating and other minor digestive discomforts.

 Get Moving

Exercising regularly is proven to alleviate constipation during pregnancy because it stimulates the bowels. We recommend checking in with your healthcare provider for the best recommendations of frequency you should exercise to ensure you are doing what’s best for your body and baby. If walking, running, or biking are not recommended, a gentle prenatal yoga class could also be exactly what you need to relieve constipation in pregnancy!



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