Finding Your Community on Your Journey to Motherhood

You know the old saying, “it takes a village”? We’re not meant to raise our children on our own, and in the same way, we’re not meant to go through trying to conceive, loss, infertility, pregnancy, adoption, or any part of the journey to motherhood without support. Community is key.

There will be challenges along the way, no matter what. It’s true that some women conceive easily, but they might have other common struggles, like difficulty balancing work and kids, a baby that never sleeps, an unsupportive partner, a tantruming toddler. Somewhere along the way, motherhood is guaranteed to throw you a curveball and it’s an amazing feeling to know there are other women out there who are in your shoes, or who have already been there and can give perspective.

All moms need support. Especially now, as many of us are not able to see our friends and family in person as often or at all. That village of support we would normally have is no longer a given. And so, the team at Premama wanted to create a virtual space for all women to connect and find their own village on the journey to motherhood. 

Finding Your Premama Community

Wherever you’re at in your journey, we have a welcoming motherhood community on Facebook waiting to shower you with insights and support. All of our Facebook communities are safe spaces to share our victories as well as our struggles, and are closely moderated by the Premama team to ensure conversations remain kind and respectful.


Journey to Motherhood – Trying to Conceive

For all women who are trying to conceive (or planning to). This is a safe space to connect with other women who planning for the future, who are struggling or have struggled with miscarriage(s), IVF, and infertility, as well as for those who have never experienced issues conceiving. Sex, Menstrual cycles, tracking ovulation, the anxious wait before taking a pregnancy test - there are no taboos here! Just a motherhood community of like-minded, hopeful mamas showing up to support each other.


Journey to Motherhood – Pregnant

For all women who are expecting, this motherhood community is for you. In this community, we talk about the challenges and the joys that come along with pregnancy such as body image, physical symptoms, complications, funny stories, and of course, the best maternity clothes. Like all of our communities, this group is inclusive. No matter what your journey to motherhood looks like, whether you are carrying, adopting or using a surrogate, you are just as much an expectant mother and you are warmly welcomed here. 


Journey to Motherhood- Postpartum

This community is for every mother. From the first-timers to the seasoned pros, in this group mamas connect over the highs and lows of motherhood. Sleep, behavior, work-family balance, self-care, and pandemic-specific challenges are all frequent topics. Adoptive parents, surrogate mothers, and mothers who have lost their children are welcome to find a community here, too. This is a super supportive, judgment-free zone all about learning from each other's experiences and lifting each other up.

We’ve really enjoyed building these villages along with all of you and hope you’ll join us in making our Premama virtual communities even better with your presence. 

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