Best Fertility Vitamins and Supplements for Men: 2022 Guide

Has it been over a year that you and your partner have been trying to conceive? Male infertility is more common than you think, whether it’s due to low sperm motility, low production, or poor morphology.

There’s no need to be afraid of the word “infertility.” Many couples face challenges with infertility, and nowadays there’s so much support to be found. Are you up for it? Rest assured, you won’t be alone because Premama is here to help.

There are many ways to improve male fertility, one of which is with vitamins and supplements. Premama is your source for the best male fertility vitamins and best male fertility supplements 2022. We offer both educational information, products, and person-to-person assistance to make your journey easier. This article will help direct you through the uncertainties that come with male infertility.

What is Male Infertility and What Causes It?

Traditionally, women have been deemed “at fault” for having difficulties getting pregnant, but these days, we know better. Male fertility testing should be just as much of a priority as female fertility testing.

What exactly is male infertility? Male infertility is when a man has a low chance of impregnating his female partner without medical assistance. The primary causes of male infertility are:

· Genetics: We know it’s not fair, but we can help you manage this.

· General health: Get enough sleep, limit screen time, and don’t take on too much work.

· Fitness: Schedule your daily 30 minutes, and hop to it!

· Diseases: Seek out needed medical solutions for infections, tumors, hormone imbalances, and more.

· Dietary contaminants: Stay away from those processed foods, and wash your fresh produce thoroughly.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Once you know why you’re having difficulty conceiving, you can take the necessary measures to make all the right changes.

How to Boost Male Fertility

There are many ways to boost male fertility, including eating a balanced meal and regularly exercising. Reducing one’s workload will lower stress—a major cause of erectile dysfunction and low libido. Eliminating smoking and vaping will increase sperm production. Some medications are also responsible for reducing sperm production.

Speak with your doctor, or check out our blog post How to Increase Fertility in Men to find out more ways that help to increase your chances for conception.

Another natural way to boost male fertility is by eating certain foods and spices with proven aphrodisiac properties. This includes:

· Saffron: A 2012 study following a group of men for one month found that there was an increase in erectile function in the final week after consuming 30mg of saffron each day.

· Fenugreek: A study was done in 2011 where 60 men consumed a daily amount of 600mg of fenugreek extract for six weeks. Their results showed increased sexual arousal and more orgasms; however, fenugreek extract contains zinc, a nutrient that is vital to male fertility—this combined with other nutrients in the extract may be the real reason for the results. Research is still being conducted.

· Maca Root: This natural and highly nutritious root vegetable has been used for about three millennia. It is reputed to improve the libido and help men increase their sperm count and motility rate.

Aside from food, there are also various types of fertility vitamins for men in tablet form that can save you the hassle of locating exotic foods and spices.

What Are Male Fertility Vitamins and Supplements?

Male fertility vitamins and supplements are usually made in tablet form, created to promote a higher count of mature and “quality” sperm to enable conception. Some commonly known vitamins include vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin D3. Male fertility is a serious matter, so be sure to talk to your doctor about taking vitamins. They may take a blood test to find out exactly what you need.

What Do Male Fertility Vitamins and Supplements Do?

We live in an age of convenience. Available on the market today are many supplements and vitamins to increase sperm count, maturity, and quality while also improving a man’s overall health.

Boost Sperm Count

When more sperm is produced at one time, there is a higher chance of a sperm making it to the egg for fertilization. Men can experience a low sperm count because they have nutrient deficiencies. Specially designed supplements and vitamins to increase sperm volume contain the essential nutrients to bring the sperm count up.

Facilitate Sperm Maturity

The average man produces millions of sperm per day; however, it’s hard to have them mature. By using vitamins, you can enhance their maturity and ensure that they are high quality.

Improve Sperm Quality

Of course, if the sperm that makes it to the egg isn’t mature or high quality, it won’t be able to do its job. Embryologists utilize only high-quality sperm during IVF. By taking the right male fertility supplements, you can guarantee the best sperm.

Elevate Overall Health and Wellbeing of Men

To create perfect sperm, men’s bodies need to be functioning well. Supplements and vitamins keep the system balanced, allowing men to have more energy and improved sleep patterns.

Note: It’s recommended to speak with your doctor before taking supplements and vitamins. Additionally, the best results are generally seen if you take them at least three months prior to any attempts of conception. If you’ve already started trying to conceive, it’s safe to take supplements and vitamins for healthy sperm—they will still work. Just bear in mind that new sperm matures over two to three months. It’s in your best interest to wait before taking any supplements or vitamins in order to test them with your doctor. This way, you will have a better idea of their effects on you.

Ready to try fertility supplements? We’ve listed a few notable vitamins to look for when choosing effective supplements.

Do Fertility Supplements for Men Really Work?

Yes, fertility supplements for men do work, but you need to differentiate the legitimate products from those that lack scientific research. Additionally, you will need to speak with your doctor to ensure that you’re taking the fertility supplement at the right time for an optimal result.

Effective supplements often have fertility vitamins for men that have scientific evidence behind them. The Cochrane Review established that antioxidants improve couples’ chances of pregnancy. These usually include a variety of the following:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant that is found in abundance in semen. Part of its job is to protect the sperm’s DNA from free radicals and oxidative stress. Vitamin C also regenerates vitamin E, so both of them can ensure optimal sperm health. Vitamin C contributes to sperm count, mobility, and morphology.

Vitamin E

Much like vitamin C, this fat-soluble vitamin is an essential antioxidant that acts as a protector for the sperm’s cell membrane against oxidative stress and free radicals. It also improves sperm motility with the help of vitamin C.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for male reproduction and testosterone. Its additional functions are:
· Immune System Regulation
· Muscular Function
· Protection for Health Condition

You’re most likely wondering, “What is the best male fertility supplement?” Every person is different, so what’s best for one person may not be the right solution for someone else. However, Premama has found that certain male fertility vitamins and supplements generally yield better results than others.

Best Male Fertility Supplements and Vitamins

Premama Products

Premama offers various fertility supplements for men:

· Fertility Support For Him: This is a non-GMO chocolate-flavored drink mix that includes a wide range of vitamins to support reproductive health and boost sperm health. It’s specially designed to be vegan, allergen-free, and gluten-free. It contains vitamins C and E, zinc, folate, selenium, and Maca Root extract. The mix can be added to 12 ounces of water or non-carbonated drinks, such as smoothies and yogurt.

· Dual Fertility Bundle: This bundle includes the Fertility Support for Him (see above) and Fertility Support For Her, which is an unflavored drink mix for improving egg health and ovulation. The Fertility Support For Her contains Myo-Inositol to regulate menstruation and restore ovarian function. In the bundle, couples also receive a prenatal multivitamin that contains premium ingredients, including folate and vegan-algal Omega-3s.

· Ultimate At-Home Male Fertility Pack: This pack offers various items, such as a three-month supply of Premama Fertility Support for Him (see above). It also has a Yo-Sperm test device and two at-home male fertility tests. Men can view their sperm baseline and track their progress for three months. This pack is FDA-approved and recommended by doctors.

If you’re considering male fertility supplements or male fertility vitamins, be sure to consult your doctor to ensure that you’re taking the right ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am infertile and need supplements?
Before taking fertility supplements for men, you should go for a fertility test. You can do this by having a medical evaluation, a sperm and semen analysis, a physical exam, or a hormone evaluation. See your doctor for details.

How can I make my sperm stronger for pregnancy?
Supplements can help improve the quality and volume of sperm, but they’re only one part of the puzzle. Making lifestyle and diet changes will increase your chances. Limiting your alcohol intake, regularly exercising, and getting enough sleep are just a few simple ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Talk to your doctor for more personalized recommendations.

Where can I buy the best fertility supplements and vitamins for men?
Premama offers highly recommended and reliable male fertility supplements on the market today. This includes one of our bestsellers: the Fertility Support For Him drink mix.

Browse our shop for fertility support!

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