4 Tips to Involve Your Partner in Your Pregnancy

 As mom-to-be it can feel like you are experiencing most of the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy: hormonal fluctuations, morning sickness symptoms, a constantly changing body, and giving birth to name a few …  It’s important to acknowledge the supportive partner by your side throughout this journey to parenthood—forming your collective pregnancy experience. Here are four ways to involve husbands and partners in the pregnancy from the very beginning up until baby is born:

  1. Announce the Pregnancy Together

If you’re sending out cute announcement cards, or posting on social media, have the announcement come from both of you. Whether they’re making the announcement with you, on Face-time or tagged in the social post, include your partner 100%. You can even schedule a fun photo shoot with your partner to make the announcement that much more exciting.

  1. Add Appointments to your partner’s calendar.

Planning appointments around your schedule is most important since your physical presence is necessary. Make your partner feel special by inviting them to all OB/Midwife/Doula appointments. Become an Outlook Calendar or iCal wizard and share all appointments with your partner to sync with their calendar. Highlight memorable appointments such as your first ultrasound, gender reveal, etc. so your partner can plan to be there for each milestone.  Special moments such as the first time hearing their baby’s heartbeat will never be forgotten.

  1. Make the baby registry a team effort.

Word on the streets is you end up using only half of the “must haves” on every baby gift list. Whether or not you agree with your partner on the brand of highchair to use, or stroller to cruise around in, listen to their opinions and allow their needs to be added to the registry. If this includes a football shaped Dock-a-tot (I made this up) add it to the list!

  1. Decorate the nursery together.

Block off a weekend on your busy schedules to put together the baby nursery. You may not be the next couple to host an interior decorating HGTV show, but the memories you will make together creating a special safe place for your baby are unforgettable. Decide on a color palette or theme together, and allow both of your ideas and vision to come to life through small accent pieces [Insert additional reference to that football shaped Dock-a-tot here…]

We hope now you know how your partner can help and be involved during your pregnancy. Stay tuned for more ways to involve your partner in your postnatal experience right after baby is born!

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