Vitamin Angels


We are proud partners of the charity, Vitamin Angels, an organization providing essential vitamins to mothers and children under five who are at risk of malnutrition. This year, Premama is joining forces with Vitamin Angels' Global Prenatal Campaign; establishing a goal to eliminate newborn mortality due to malnutrition.  Vitamin Angels' prenatal vitamins being administered to mothers have proven to decrease the infant mortality rate and increase children’s birth weight. For children, ingesting vitamin A helps prevent blindness, among various other potential birth defects. Vitamin Angel's feeding programs help prevent malnutrition. Every time you purchase Premama, we make a donation to help further their newborn charity work. Thanks to your support, we’ve helped over 200,000 women and children in the last two years. Each $0.25 donated provides one mother and one child enough vitamins and minerals for an entire year. Thank you for helping us make a difference.



The Vitamin Angels charity is a non-profit organization based in Santa Barbara, California. Thanks to companies like Premama, Vitamin Angels is able to provide Prenatal vitamins to impoverished women, as well as Vitamin A and feeding programs for malnourished children, here in North America, and in 71 other countries across the globe.

To date, Vitamin Angels has helped over 61 million children and 2.5 million moms, worldwide. They can reach so many women and children via their 1,200 field partners around the world.



Premama founder, Dan Aziz, has been lucky enough to travel with Vitamin Angels to Africa and the Philippines. On both trips, Dan worked hand-in-hand with the local field partners to administer vitamins and nutrients to women and children. Dan was blown-away by the selflessness and drive of the field partners and the Vitamin Angels Team. He was particularly impacted by the women who shared their stories about how their babies were being born healthier, and infant mortality was down in their villages. This all thanks to the support of the Vitamin Angels prenatal program. They went on to explain how their older children, who received Vitamin A and feeding programs, were doing better in school and able to be more active members of their communities. 

We as a company feel compelled to give back to others, helping mothers, babies and children any way we can. Whether it is through our own products, making the maternity journey as easy and comfortable as possible, or through the Vitamin Angels charity, Premama will always work hard to do its part in making the world a better place for mothers and children everywhere.