Pregnancy Gummy Bundle

If you have a bun in the oven, this kit is for you! The Prenatal Vitamin is packed with the most premium nutrients in a minty fresh package, while Energy Boost and Digestion Relief curb pregnancy fatigue and constipation. Save $15 when you buy this bundle.

What’s included: 
2 months of the Organic Prenatal Gummies with Iron + DHA

1 month of the Energy Boost Drink Mix 1 month of the Digestion Relief Chews

Organic Prenatal Gummies with Iron + DHA: Thanks to our clean gummy technology, there are no “candy” ingredients, gelatin's or corn starch. There are no processed sugars or syrups, artificial colors, artificial flavors, animal products, or GMOs.*Certified Kosher by the OU, Organic Certified by Tilth.

Energy Boost: No coffee? No problem. Here's a pregnancy safe drink mix that's designed to give you the energy you need while expecting. It’s gluten-free, vegetarian, and non-GMO, with a natural watermelon flavor. Take the sachets with you, and you'll always have an energy boost at the ready.

Digestion Relief: A supplement that's designed to relieve pregnancy-induced constipation. It’s pregnancy safe and vegetarian, with a natural caramel-vanilla flavor, almost like a candy that's good for you.

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