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Attention coffee drinkers, tea lovers, caffeine connoisseurs!

Understanding Caffeine and Fertility

Understanding Caffeine and Fertility

Wondering if your morning latte is doing you more harm than good? (hint: it is). 

It’s alarming to realize the outcome your daily caffeine routine has on your body… It spans the spectrum from withdrawal headaches, to hormone imbalances, — and it directly impacts your fertility. 

Sure, we’re all aware that when you are pregnant you should avoid caffeine, but despite the evidence outlined below, rarely is it a required dietary change when pursuing conception!!? If you’re ready to start a family, you must absolutely consider dropping caffeine while trying to conceive. So how does caffeine affect fertility? Here's the scoop on caffeine and conception:

How Caffeine can affect Fertility: 

What about the role of Caffeine on my nutrition? 

Did you know caffeine stays in a women’s system longer than men’s--  robbing us of essential hormone-balancing nutrients and minerals? Caffeinated beverages, tea, coffee, and most energy drinks all diminish micro-nutrients that are essential for proper hormone balance.  The caffeine flushes magnesium and B vitamins (essential for happy, healthy hormones) straight from your system. The acidity in coffee imbalances your gut flora and makes it difficult to absorb nutrients, in even the healthiest of diets (so much for all that organic kale). There’s no way your endocrine system -- responsible for the production of hormones that regulate metabolism, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things — can do its job to its best ability. 

Whether you’re trying to get rid of persistent PMS symptoms, detox from synthetic birth control hormones, improve a diagnosed condition like PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, or improve your fertility, eliminating caffeine from your diet will bring improvements.  

Searching for energy boosting drinks during pregnancy? We’ve got the answer! Premama’s Energy Boost Drink Mix gives you the boost of energy and antioxidant exposure you’re looking for, satisfies your morning / afternoon / gym routine, and it’s ttc/pregnancy safe!  

Caffeine and fertility just don't go together. Whether you want to get pregnant tomorrow or next year -  there’s no better time to detox from coffee than today. You’ll see a rapid improvement in your whole cycle experience – including less PMS symptoms, less cramping, easier periods, more regular cycles, better moods and sleep, and healthy hormones and ovulation simply by trading out your Cup of Jo. Have you tried substituting with Premama's caffeine free energy drink? Tell us what you think!  


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